Ceramic Braces

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   –  Less noticeable than metal braces
   –  Faster treatment time than lingual braces


Ceramic braces are made of clear material and are therefore less visible on you teeth than metal braces. Many patients prefer these braces for their upper teeth.

Cerami The braces move the teeth very precisely and produce stunning results.

Before                                      After

“My teeth look so nice now.  The aweful canine was not helping my confidence.  I am so happy that Dr Singh was able to make me look nice again”

                                                                Peter Edwards

Before                                      After

“Wow my teeth look so much better now.  The utmost care was taken by Dr Singh, he explained all options from start to finish and how long it would take.   Nice result I would recommend anyone to Eternal Smiles who wants to get their teeth straight.  Good value for money.”


Jean Wells 

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